Foundation, Hospitals for Humanity Partner to Save 50 Children with Heart Defects in Nigeria



By: Modupe Adeniyi. Freelance Health Reporter




MONDAY, APRIL 29, 2024. In a heartwarming display of compassion, the Obijackson Foundation has teamed up with Hospitals for Humanity (HFH) to provide life-changing heart surgeries for 50 children battling congenital heart defects. This remarkable collaboration promises to bring hope and a brighter future to the lives of these young warriors.


According to a statement released by the organizations, the sponsored surgical procedures will correct the defects in carefully selected children from a long waiting list of those in dire need of assistance. This initiative not only offers a second chance at life for the beneficiaries but also presents an opportunity to strengthen Nigeria's healthcare system by fostering skill transfer and capacity building.


The first phase of this intervention commenced with a heart screening program at the Obijackson Women and Children Hospital (OWCH) in Okija, Anambra State. During this crucial stage, the medical team assessed the condition, severity and required level of intervention for each child. Remarkably, some of the children no longer required surgeries as their defects had healed, a testament to the resilience of the human body and the power of hope.


However, for others with critical conditions and uncertain futures, the waiting list remains a lifeline. The life-changing operations are scheduled to take place in May, August and November of this year with the possibility of extending the reach to even more beneficiaries through the support of fellow Nigerians.


Pamela Egbo, the Director of the Obijackson Foundation, expressed her profound gratitude for the opportunity to make a lasting impact on those who cannot help themselves. "The heart screening program was a profound experience," she shared. "We witnessed tear-jerking scenes of children battling serious forms of congenital heart defects, parents gripped by sadness and desperation and families grappling with the financial burden of medical care. Yet, amidst the struggles, there was an unwavering determination to make a difference."


Dr. Segun Ajayi, the CEO and Founder of HFH, echoed the mission's clarity: to transform lives and save little hearts by providing essential life-saving surgery and medical care to those in need. Beyond the immediate medical intervention, this collaboration seeks to raise awareness about congenital heart defects and mobilize support for those affected. "It is a call to action," Dr. Ajayi urged, "and I urge people to come together to support these vulnerable children and their families."


As the Obijackson Foundation and Hospitals for Humanity join forces, a beacon of hope shines brightly, promising a future where little hearts can beat freely, unencumbered by the burden of congenital heart defects. Together, they are writing a new chapter in the lives of these children, one filled with promise, resilience and the unwavering power of human compassion.


Source: The Guardian Newspaper


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Published: April 29, 2024

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