Business Model

Datelinehealth Africa Inc. (DLHA) is a digital aggregator, content creator, publisher, educator and purveyor of credible knowledge and solutions in advancement of health literacy and public health.

Our value proposition is based on the core belief that when people, communities and diverse stakeholders in African societies attain higher levels of health literacy they gain more power for sustainable and healthier living.

Our core target audience and distribution channel focus is Africa. But we also attract interest from international audience with goodwill and motivation to support qualitative health improvements in the continent.

We believe in maintaining nimble operating structures and will achieve cost efficiencies and effectiveness with the limited revenue streams at our disposal. We hope to be around into the foreseeable future to serve our audience credibly and reliably..

We welcome enquiries and are open to forging mutuality of interests and partnerships towards achieving our vision, mission and goals as enunciated here

To contact us for any purpose including partnership, please click here

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