New York City becomes ‘new epicenter’ of COVID-19

Insert (right): Andrew Cuomo, Givernor, New York 


March 22,2020. New York City: New Yorkers are fighting the coronavirus in any way they can: respecting the government directives, recommendations by health authorities and trying to stay strong in the face of calamity as they did in the wake of September 11, 2001  terrorist attacks.  

Many New Yorkers, like people around the world, derive strength from their families. So, it is not surprising that some couples refused to postpone their wedding plans and took their vows wearing gloves or protective masks in ceremonies performed by an official standing at a distance.  

Unseasonably warm weather Friday drew many New Yorkers to parks for jogging, riding bicycles and playing outdoor with their children.

But the city’s life is far from normal.

The numbers of COVID-19 confirmed cases are growing by the hour. New York state had nearly 16,000 confirmed cases, up from 5,100 confirmed Friday and 800 just more than a week ago.

The United States has more than 33,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with more than 400 confirmed deaths, 117 of them in New York state, according to Johns Hopkins University of Medicine on Sunday night.

Cuomo, New York state’s governor, has placed a lot of blame on the slow response by the Trump administration, especially a delay in approving COVID-19 tests.  Cuomo confirmed the first case of COVID-19 in New York City on March 1.  

The federal government authorized New York City to create its own test on March 11.  Since then New York has conducted 45,000 tests.

In an effort to curb the spread, Cuomo ordered workers in nonessential fields to stay at home, starting Sunday night. Essential businesses that will remain open include grocery stores, pharmacies and public transit. Schools have been closed across the country as well as in New York.

The New York restrictions came as some hospitals struggled with shortages of safety masks, breathing ventilators and other health supplies.


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Published: March 22, 2020


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