NIMR DG fetes research directors promoted professors

NIMR Director General (2nd Left) and the newly promoted Professors

The joy of the Director General, Nigerian Institute of Medical Research (NIMR) Professor Babatunde Salako and his management team knew no bound as five of his top researchers were recently promoted as professors by various universities within and outside Nigeria.

In celebrating these scholars, the institute organised a cocktail get-together to welcome the newly appointed professors to the court of professors, as well as to officially unveil the newly created Rooftop Recreational Arena for staff of the institute.

The names of the five newly promoted researchers are: Prof. Nkiruka Odunukwe; Prof. Pheabian Akinwale; Prof. Samson Awolola; Prof. Oliver Ezechi; and Prof. Rosemary Audu.

Expressing his utmost delight with the developments, the DG noted that of all his contributions in the institute, the two events being celebrated were most significant to him. “Of all my contributions in NIMR, these two things excite me most, that these dedicated researchers were promoted to professorial level during my tenure, and the opening of this new Rooftop staff recreational centre”.

Prof. Salako further remarked on the elevation of the researchers, saying when he resumed at the institute, he discovered that there was a migration trend  of researchers to universities, for the sake of promotion, so he decided to change the trend by finding a solution to the problem.

He actually acknowledged that with the level of work done by these scholars, they would have been made professors years back, if they were in the university system, “but we still appreciate that it is now a reality”.

He however charged the new professors to be very thorough in their works more than ever before, because they now have power to make people professors with their recommendations. “Be as critical as possible, don’t be evil minded, don’t put a ‘but’ in a person’s result, as we wish you well today”.

The new professors, in return appreciated the DG and other staff members of NIMR for their support all through the years, because just like a tree cannot make a forest, they wouldn’t have been able to do much without the collaboration of their colleagues.


Published: February 8, 2020


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