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Audiences served by DatelinehealthAfrica directly and indirectly include a swath of digitally aware people in Africa and globally. These are composed of hundred of millions of people, especially in age brackets 15 - 49 and above; who are part and parcels of Africa's intelligentsia; educators, researchers, students, politicos at federal, state and local governments levels, non-governmental entities and private corporations, journalists and newspaper editors, writers and many other community level health managers, caregivers, leaders and influencers shaping consumer choices in health within Africa.

Expecting to achieve roughly 3 million monthly visitors, the new DatelinehealthAfrica will reach a huge Africa-centered and global audience.

Top organizations and enterprises regardless of type and size looking to advertise on the web and with Africa focus will appreciate DatelinehealthAfrica – not only for the quality of its content, but for its reach and audience. This makes the website a cost-beneficial vehicle to place premium branding ads for leading consumer oriented, healthcare, pharmaceutical,. medical equipment and technology companies as well as for health insurance and health miantenance organizations and public service entities generally.

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DATELINEHEALTH AFRICA INC., is a digital publisher for informational and educational purposes and does not offer personal medical care and advice. If you have a medical problem needing routine or emergency attention, call your doctor or local emergency services immediately, or visit the nearest emergency room or the nearest hospital. You should consult your professional healthcare provider before starting any nutrition, diet, exercise, fitness, medical or wellness program mentioned or referenced in the DatelinehealthAfrica website. Click here for more disclaimer notice.

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