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Our History

DatelineHealth Africa Inc., was incorporated as a nonprofit in the State of Delaware, USA in September 2002. Since then, our activities have focused on providing free digital access to timely, accurate and credible health information and solutions targeted at people and communities in Africa with the purpose of enhancing public health and social care generally. More recently, our leadership undertook major restructuring of our activities towards long term sustainability and definable social impact. This process is on-going.


We are a nimble organization with a structure that is made up of small teams:

Our Advisory Board is chaired by our founder and publisher, Akin Odutola, a physician and medical academic. The Board presently has six members that bring diverse expertise in support of our mission.

Our Management team is made up of five individuals with deep commitment to and understanding of the nonprofit and social enterperise worlds. The team is supported in its daily tasks by a wide variety of volunteers to whom we are especially grateful for their services. 

Our Champions or Ambassadors are invited individuals who have distinguished themselves in diverse fields of endeavors. They include celebrities, professionals, public servants, entrepreneurs, etc., across Africa and globally who identify with our mission and support us in various ways to promote and achieve it.


We are committed to the following Vision, Mission and Goals:

Our Vision is to advance health and wellbeing in people and communities across Africa generally.  

Our Mission is to improve health literacy, population health and social care in African nations through provision and dissemination of credible information that is free to access and use..

Our Goals are fourfold:

  1. Promote disease prevention and lifestyle modification in Africa through awareness;

  2. Advance skills in health policy and systems management through digitally based tools;

  3. Facilitate empathetic and people-centered communication between communities of health stakeholders in the various regions towards enhancement of public health generally;

  4. Advocate and promote innovative mechanisms for needy, poor and vulnerable populations in Africa to access essential and life-saving medicines and supplies at affordable cost.

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DATELINEHEALTH AFRICA INC., is a digital publisher for informational and educational purposes and does not offer personal medical care and advice. If you have a medical problem needing routine or emergency attention, call your doctor or local emergency services immediately, or visit the nearest emergency room or the nearest hospital. You should consult your professional healthcare provider before starting any nutrition, diet, exercise, fitness, medical or wellness program mentioned or referenced in the DatelinehealthAfrica website. Click here for more disclaimer notice.

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