Coronavirus: More cases reported in Africa


There are currently 1,198 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Africa, the continent's Centre for Disease Control has announced.

Uganda reported its first case last night after testing a passenger who had returned home from Dubai.

The confirmation came hours after President Yoweri Museveni had announced several crowd control measures including banning of all flight operations starting midnight on Sunday.

In neighbouring Rwanda, the government has announced that it may extend its 14-day lockdown which was imposed last week on Thursday.

Rwanda has so far recorded 17 cases of Covid-19, the most in the east Africa region.

The Democratic Republic of Congo recorded its first Covid-19 related death after a doctor who had returned from France succumbed to the disease.

The Africa CDC has also announced 108 patients have recovered after contracting the virus:


Here is the full list of countries which have reported confirmed cases of Covid-19 as at March 22 2020:

  • Algeria (102), Angola (2), Benin (2), Burkina Faso (75), Cameroon (27), Cape Verde (1), Central African Republic(3), Chad(1), Congo(2), Côte d'Ivoire (17), Djibouti (1), DRC (18)
  • Egypt (294), Equatorial Guinea (4), Eswatini (4), Ethiopia (9), Gabon (4), Gambia (1), Ghana (21), Guinea (2), Kenya (7), Liberia (3), Madagascar (3), Mauritius (14), Mauritania (2), Morocco (96), Namibia (3), Niger (1), Nigeria (25), Rwanda (17), Senegal (56), Seychelles (7), Somalia (1)
  • South Africa (240), Sudan (2), Tanzania (6), Togo (9), Tunisia (60), Uganda (1), Zambia (2), Zimbabwe (2). Territories (2) with cases: Mayotte (4), Reunion (47).


Countries (10) with deaths (37): 

  • Algeria (15), Burkina Faso (3), DRC (1), Egypt (10), Gabon (1), Ghana (1), Mauritius (1), Morocco (3), Sudan (1), Tunisia (1), Countries (11) with recoveries (108): Algeria (32), Burkina Faso (5), Cameroon (2), Côte d’Ivoire (1), Egypt (41), Ethiopia (4), Morocco (3), Nigeria (2), Senegal (5), South Africa (12), Tunisia (1)





Published: March 22, 2020




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