Other ways you may help us make a difference

At DatelinehealthAfrica, we identify, produce and disseminate quality knowledge, skills and solutions that help populations on the continent improve health literacy, live healthier lives and enhance public health generally. We also gift limited essential and life saving medicines and supplies to needy and vulnerable individuals at the request of clinics and hospitals. We do this free of cost or at heavily subsidized cost as resources are available.

Your unrestricted fund and support allow us to achieve
these objectives most efficiently and where the needs are greatest.

Note : Datelinehealth Africa Inc is Delaware incorporated non-profit organization with Federal Tax ID/Employer Identification Number (EIN) number 52-2378688.

An application was recently filed with the IRS for re-instatement of our 501 (c )3 tax exempt status. We are confident that this will be approved within this fiscal year.


Depending on who you are and whether you are fund-raising as an individual or as a group or association, there are a diversity of ways to fundraise for DatelinehealthAfrica. Here are few examples and ideas.

  • Community fundraiser: You can organize a bake or yard sale, concert, show or auction within your community.

  • School Fundraiser: You can raise awareness about our work among your school/classmate as you host a fundraiser in our support.

  • Workplace Fundraiser: You can engage your colleagues at work by holding a fundraiser at your place of work.

  • Athletic or Non-athletic Events: You can organize a semi-marathon, bike ride, walk or any other athletic or non-athletic event to raise fund in support of our work.

  • Special Occasions: Make your milestones more memorable and special by requesting your friends, families, business or work associates to gift in cash or kind to DatelinehealthAfrica either Online or via mail, while you mark a birthday, wedding or wedding anniversary, child naming ceremony, parental in-memoriam, etc.

Contact us to tell us about your fund-raising plans and how we may be of help to you with ideas and support. Thank you.

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