J & J Proposes $6.5 Billion to Settle Talc Ovarian Cancer Lawsuits


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J&J attempts a third settlement with claimants on talc powder ovarian cancer lawsuits



Johnson & Johnson said on Wednesday that it would ask tens of thousands of people suing the company over claims that its talcum powder products caused their cancer to approve a new $6.5 billion settlement, its third attempt to resolve the lawsuits.

The proposal would settle nearly all current and future claims that its talcum powder products caused ovarian cancer, the company said. Like the previous two efforts — in 2021 and 2023 — the new deal will try to use an element of the bankruptcy system to settle the claims.

Judges have rejected the two previous attempts, on the grounds that bankruptcy court isn’t the right venue for them. Johnson & Johnson has said it plans to appeal its most recent bankruptcy rejection up to the Supreme Court, but the company on Wednesday didn’t specify why it thought the new effort would survive similar legal challenges to previous ones.

Representatives for Johnson & Johnson declined to comment beyond its announcement.


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Source: The New York Times



Published: May 5, 2024

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