Mass Mosquito Net Distribution Kicks Off in Tana River County, Kenya


By Adebowale Bello. Freelance Health Writer.



Logo MOH-KenyaWednesday, MAY 29, 2024. The Kenyan Ministry of Health has initiated a large-scale distribution of mosquito nets in Tana River County, aiming to curb malaria in high-risk areas. Health Principal Secretary Mary Muthoni announced on Tuesday, May 28, that the county will receive 280,004 mosquito nets. This number is derived from the Global Fund and the National Malaria Program’s 2022 population estimate, which places Tana River's population at 351,027.


Muthoni explained that the distribution strategy ensures one net for every two individuals, with an additional 30% buffer to account for population growth. “According to the Global Fund and the National Malaria Program, Tana River's estimated population is 351,027. With the principle of one net per two individuals plus a 30% buffer, Tana River will receive 280,004 nets. Specifically, Galole will receive 78,853, Bura 102,664, and Garsen 98,487,” Muthoni stated.


The campaign's launch sees all nets arriving at distribution points and being issued over the next five days.


The nets will be distributed from three main storage points across 278 posts: 81 in Galole, 94 in Tana Delta, and 103 in Bura.


The Ministry emphasized that these nets are strictly for human protection against mosquito bites, warning against their misuse for activities such as fishing or crop and livestock protection.


Source: The Standard, Kenya




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Published: May 29, 2024

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