Nigerian woman shares personal COVID-19 experience.




A Nigerian woman who recovered from COVID-19 has shared what it was like fighting the deadly virus after spending two weeks in the hospital.

She wrote: "Okay, so I did not realize how ungrateful I was to be alive until COVID 19 taught me a great lesson. This past two weeks fighting for my life in the hospital no be moinmoin. Let me tell you what the virus does”:

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  • Dry throat first. You will cough tire nothing will come out.
  • Running nose plus better migraine
  • The neck pain is first class.
  • It will so take away ones sense of smell you can't even perceive bleach as pungent as it is.
  • Every food will taste like shaft infact as strong as salt is couldn't taste it.
  • Then your lungs will feel like it’s full of water. To breath will be like you are panting for your life.
  • Then when you call for help pray that the person is not dead before ambulance arrives.
  • Take it easy with the garlic ginger turmeric lemon concoction ooo. It was so corrosive it was slowly peeling off my abdominal lining. 
  • The Virus is better heard of than experienced.
  • Guys the virus no dey play please stay safe.

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Posted: 05.17.2020




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