Egypt records first COVID-19 case

Egypt records its first confirmed positive case of COVID-19

February 15, 2020. Cairo: The Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population and the World Health Organization (WHO) released a joint statement Friday announcing the first confirmed positive case of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Egypt.


Dr. Khaled Al-Mujahid, Minister of Health and Population and the ministry’s official speaker, explained that the ministry successfully discovered the first case of a foreign person infected with the coronavirus. This, he said, was achieved through the implementation of an electronic program to register and follow up people entering Egypt from countries where there have been infections of the new coronavirus and through the prevention teams that follow them around the clock. 

Although the identity of the person has not been released, Al-Mujahid indicated that tests carried on the individual was positive for coronavirus infection, but the person is without any symptoms.


Mujahid added that the WHO was immediately informed, and all measures and preventive measures were taken in cooperation with the World Health Organization.


The person was taken by one of the self-sterilization ambulances to the hospital and remains in isolation, stable and without symptoms. 


He said that the ministry had taken prevention measures against those who may have had contact with the identified and infected person and they were self-isolated in their places of residence for a 14-day “period of custody”.


Dr. John Gabor, a representative of the World Health Organization (WHO), praised Egypt for the rapid and transparent handling of the situation, and for its efforts to inform the organization of the situation as soon as it was suspected. 


John stressed that Egypt is one of the first countries in Africa to develop a good prevention plan to respond to the emerging virus and how to deal with the cases affected once they are discovered.


John also said Egypt is one of the countries in the Eastern Mediterranean region that has provided the organization with accurate detection about people living with the new coronavirus.


On Friday, the minister of health and population held an extensive meeting under the ministry’s leadership to follow up on the implementation of the ministry’s plan to address and to deal with the new coronavirus.


The Eyptian Minister of health said he has convened a 24-Hour Crisis Management Chamber, which includes representatives from all ministries and stakeholders,  to follow up on the situation of the new coronavirus within the country and the ministry’s prevention plan.


All outlets, ports and all health districts in the Republic, have ben urged to be vigilant and to raise the level of preparation of treatment and isolation facilities at all outlets and airports across the Republic.



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