The health risks of vaping


There’s a perception that e-cigarettes are harmless. And while vaping is less harmful than smoking regular cigarettes, these products don’t come without risks. E-cigarettes are fairly new and we’re still learning about their long-term effects. Some of the science is clear, and some of it is emerging over time.

Vaping risks

Here is a non-exclusive sample of some of the health risks of vaping:

  • Nicotine poisoning and toxicity with consequences on multiple body organs.
  • Exposure to atomized metals (e.g., nickel, tin and aluminum).
  • Exposure to vaping flavors
  • Exposure to deleterious second hand vapor by others.
  • “Popcorn lungs” due to inhalation of diacetyl – a chemical used for its buttery flavor in vaping chemicals.
  • Physical injuries resulting from potential explosion and/or fire due to device or battery malfunction.
  • Dependence and addiction especially in young children.

Learn more here and here about the health risks of vaping.

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