10 Health Benefits of Sex in a Relationship or Marriage


By Oluwasola Samuel, Freelance Writer. Medical review and editorial support provided by the DLHA Team

Black couple lying side by side intimately in bed

Black couple lying side by side intimately in bed



Sex is an amazing act in a relationship or marriage. It's like a secret recipe that spices up and strengthens your connection in your marriage. (1) It also helps keep the spark alive. 


Plus, it turns out that regular sex with your partner can boost your moods and overall health. Pretty cool, right? So next time you're thinking about getting close, remember—it's a win-win for both of you.


Below are some of the benefits of regular sex in marriage.

  • Makes you happy and reduces stress


Having a regular and good sexual experience is like getting high on an addiction; you always want to get more. During a sexual act, your body triggers and releases hormones like oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins. They are often called the “feel-good” hormones. They create feelings of pleasure, happiness, bonding, and relaxation. At this point and beyond, you feel less stressed, leading to happiness, contentment and a high sense of well-being generally. 

There may be a place for discussing with your partner the option of regular sexual experience, if you want to feel happy and experience less stress in your marriage and life generally. (2, 3)


  • It boosts your libido


If you aren't having enough sex in your marriage, you need to rethink. Here is why? Having regular sexual encounters with your partner increases or improves your libido and overall sexual health. (4) At the same time, getting under the sheets regularly with your partner increases the flow of blood through your body and around your genital area. 


The flow of blood increases sensitivity and makes sex more pleasurable. This makes you have greater sexual desires for future encounters with your partner. In women, having regular sex helps promote vaginal lubrication, blood flow, and elasticity, which makes it more pleasurable and satisfying. 


  • It deepens emotional connection with your partner


Sex can be a time of vulnerability, where you surrender yourself physically and emotionally. It's a time when you share yourself with your partner. This act aids a deeper level of intimacy and ensures emotional connection. 


When you share sexual pleasure with your partner, it creates a sense of closeness and connection that is more special. After reaching orgasm with your partner, ensure to stay in bed a bit longer with your partner to enjoy that sense of warmth, satisfaction, and connection.


  • Boost your immune system


Some studies believe that sex has a direct link to one's immune system. According to a study conducted to ascertain how people were affected by COVID-19, the study found some relevant information. (5)


The study looked at how often people got sick after being around someone who was already sick. They divided the people into two groups: those who had sex more than three (3) times a month (group 1) and those who had sex less than three (3) times a month (group 2).


In group 1, most of the people (76.6%) did not get sick even after being around a sick person. And even if they got sick, it was mild.


In group 2, about half of the people (40.43%) got sick after being around someone who was sick. Their sickness is severe compared to group 1.


Please note that this study didn't focus on what caused the sickness; it focused on the correlation between having regular sex and a strong immune system. 


  • Builds intimacy


Intimacy is the thin thread that holds a relationship or marriage together. Regular sex plays an important role in building intimacy. You may be wondering how so. After reaching orgasm during sex, oxytocin (the feel-good hormone) is released in your body. (6)


This secreted hormone is believed to make one happy and attached to one's partner. Sex can be a vulnerable act that requires you to trust and be emotionally open with your partner. When you and your partner both share your vulnerabilities, it aids trust and strengthens the emotional connection.


  • It improves heart health


Sex is a great form of exercise. Sexual intercourse is a form of cardiovascular exercise, also known as cardio for short. (7) Sex, just like cardio, increases your heart rate and improves the flow of blood around your body. By doing so, you use up more calories in the process. 


If you are used to cardio exercises, let's say running on a treadmill, you will notice how your heart rate increases as you engage in the exercise. 


While it's important to note that sex cannot replace the treadmill, it still counts for something. It's important to note that having a healthy sexual life can be a great addition to your overall wellness. It's crucial to prioritize regular cardio exercise too for a strong and healthy heart.


  • It improves sleep


Sex is a great way to de-stress, both physically and mentally. After reaching orgasm during sexual intercourse, your body triggers the secretion of feel-good hormones like oxytocin and prolactin. (8) These hormones promote a feeling of satisfaction and relaxation. 


Prolactin has a calming effect that makes you drowsy. It relaxes muscles and reduces physical tension. At the point when you are feeling a less stressed, it's easier for you to fall asleep and stay asleep for a longer period of time. If you are looking for a way to de-stress and get that much-needed sleep, you may want to consider creating a schedule for regular sex with your partner going forward. 


  • It aids conflic resolution


Regular sex with your spouse is not directly linked to conflict resolution, but it sure aids it by creating a serene atmosphere for partners to resolve their differences. 


After having a nice time under the sheets with your spouse, you tend to feel good about yourself. This is a result of the “feel-good” hormones secreted in your body during sexual acts with your partner. 


Once these feel-good hormones are secreted, you feel more content, forgiving, and attached to your partner. This creates a calm atmosphere for quick and better conflict resolution. 


  • Boost self-esteem


The feeling of being wanted, desired, and sexually appealing to your partner improves the way you see yourself and the way you carry yourself. 


Imagine your spouse openly communicating to you how emotionally connected he or she is to you. Right there, you will feel happy because your partner believes in you and wants to invest a part of his or her life with you. This is powerful validation and assurance that your spouse accepts you the way you are, which in turn has a positive impact on your self-esteem.


  • It strengthens commitment in marriage


Regular sex strengthens or improves relationship satisfaction and marital commitment. When both partners are fully committed, they remain unfaithful to each other and do everything to save their relationship or marriage in case of any misunderstanding. 


Commitment in marriage is not just about sex itself; a fulfilling and healthy sexual life is a sign of a strong physical and emotional connection between each partner. Commitment in marriage reinforces the idea that you and your partner have accepted each other's strengths and weaknesses and that you both value the intimacy you share. 





Regular sex brings many benefits that go beyond the bedroom. It's an act that aids intimacy and commitment, thereby bringing about long-lasting relationships or marriages. If you have a healthy sexual life with your partner, you are sure to have improved physical and mental well-being. 


Remember this too; a healthy and happy sexual life is about having open communication, sharing your fears, desires, and weaknesses, and prioritizing intimacy with your partner. If you are having issues in your relationship or marriage, ensure to create an enabling atmosphere to reconnect, explore, and rediscover the joy and affection you once felt towards your partner. 


You need to establish a physical and emotional connection that will help you and your partner enjoy sex once again. A happy sexual life means you are investing in a stronger and happier marriage with your partner.




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Published: May 4, 2024

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